Project name: Ghana National Fire Service Automated Enterprise System

Under this project, the assignment was to conceptualize, design and develop an integrated Fire Safety Permit and Certification Management System (FSP&CMS) for the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) to digitize their service delivery and support the decentralization of fire certificate & permit application, approval and issuance.

The developed eneterprise allows customers to acquire digital application forms, fill and submit the digital forms, upload the necessary digital documents including structural drawings to the system. The fully automated system allows for assignment of safety jobs, inspection and submission of inspection report, billing and issuance of bills/invoices to customer , processing of payment including digital payments such as momo, review of applications, approval of appliaction and subsequent issuance of digtal certifcate/permit all within the automated Fire Safety Permit and Certification Management System. Management and other personnel would also be able to generate various administrative reports and statistics from the system.

The enterprise system has a customer portal which allows customers to conduct self-services of applying, submitting, tracking, generating invoices/bill, payment of bills using digital platforms such as the payment and settlement system, viewing and printing of digital certificate all online all at the comfort of their remote locations.

Our team has also faciltated the training of over 150 personnel of the GNFS across the 16 regions to ensure full operationalization and administration of the developed system. Once launched, the system will greatly contribute in reducing the turn-around time and cost of acquiring safety certificate and permit thereby improving the ease of doing business in Ghana.